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Our Services

Materials in Mind draws on a wide range of construction-related research projects, case studies & lessons and is up to date with the industry policy & grant landscape. We love learning about everything eco, seeing what is successful now and what has potential.

We design manifestos, codes of conduct, practical application strategies and stakeholder workshops that are easily digestible, we focus on finding your perfect fit. We break down complex issues such as embodied carbon and demonstrate simple ways to make a big difference.

Materials in Mind also offers a range of support for SME construction businesses to help them meet tough new industry requirements-  covering environmental, social and economic aspects.

Technical Services

2D and 3D drawing including concept design and modelling, survey and planning drawings, take-offs (procurement) and production drawings.

Operational Services

Materials auditing and assessment, supply-chain and procurement strategy creation, demo and construction phase plans.

Other Services

MiM can design manifestos, codes of conduct and stakeholder/crew communications and workshops that are easily digestible. We can break down complex issues such as embodied carbon and demonstrate simple ways to make a big difference

Use of MIM templates OR development of affordable, custom tools to support your projects and help embed sustainable practices.

We can also help with:

Strategic review, development and Project Management of your supply chain and procurement processes.

Materials management strategy customisable resource management plans

Circular economy strategy and implementation.

Curated introductions to supply chain and other potential project partners according to individual business needs and ambitions.

Researching and writing your “environmental story” – the creation of copy for online platforms; promoting your sustainability wins, inspiring projects and best practice initiatives to inspire others and win contracts.

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Established in 2018, Materials in Mind developed out of founder Jenny Ford’s previous career working with engineered timber buildings and master’s degree in Sustainable Development in Practice.