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We Can Make is a housing project enabling citizen-led housing in Knowle West, supporting the localisation of materials and production of homes. They have co-developed community priority criteria for additional homes, including: Local jobs, affordability, sustainability well as adding to the character of homes. They sought to establish a working Suppliers Framework, with priority areas they could apply through the live testing period. 

Through the process of making the Suppliers Framework, they intend to engage local trades and makers and create active community involvement in the project. 

Brief: To work alongside the WCM team, supported by KWMC (engagement) and White Design (technical input). Based at KWMC over approximately 24 days, the role entailed; Leading design, delivery and documentation of the development of key elements of the supporting design and delivery of key events. 

Summary: MiM/ Jenny undertook research and analysis of existing SFs, presenting to the team at various stages. Drawing on this and wider research by the WCM team, individual elements critical to SF for the pilot phase were recommended along with a number of key elements as a basis for the framework. Finings were presented along with other documentation and visualisation. Research and evidence/ best practice was highlighted to support the recommendations, with any relevant pros/cons/risks. 

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Established in 2018, Materials in Mind developed out of founder Jenny Ford’s previous career working with engineered timber buildings and master’s degree in Sustainable Development in Practice.