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About MIM

Our Mission

We’re passionate about sharing great building practice and ideas that deliver benefits to all, Materials in Mind is here to help you deliver kinder, healthier and safer built environments. 

WHY – Corruption and carelessness has put a spotlight on this runaway industry, driving the need for ambitious and radical change in the culture, economics and regulations that define it.

WHAT – We support construction businesses in gaining positive experiences and connections that will make the biggest difference to their projects. We work to remove complexity, risk and other barriers to building with more sustainable – less harmful – products and processes.

HOW – Your journey is shaped by personal experience, ambition and concerns – we can equip you with the tools to identify what great practice looks and feels like in your unique context. 

The construction industry must adapt NOW to meet immediate, systemic and future challenges. 

By working with us, you are joining a movement of community-based organisations, SME builders, trades and individuals. Uniquely positioned to exchange ideas, frustrations, solutions and opportunities, you can inspire and drive change in your local area.

Who We Support (About You)

For self builders – If you’re unfamiliar with the construction industry and are working on a project, we can provide expert guidance to help you integrate sustainable principles into planning and delivery right from the get go. Materials In Mind offers a wide range of support, from technical design and drawing packages to full service consultancy, so you can feel confident that your project is good for the planet.

For SME’s – Whether you’re in the industry or not, our resource consultancy can help your business explore waste efficiency and frameworks for an ongoing waste and resource strategy. We are experienced in working with all kinds of SME’s to help them make a positive impact through the decisions they make, whether that be through introductions to suppliers or advice and knowledge sharing.

For sole traders – For construction individuals our expert level training sessions will give you lifelong skills and equip you with the tools to implement these sustainability principles project after project. Stop contributing to the industry wide problem of waste management and make smarter decisions that save you money, both now and in the future.

For construction firms and developers – Our consultancy and expert training will help you deal with repeat problems and give your whole team not only a consistent approach to resource management but long term tools to use onsite. Help lead the way in the industry, collaborate with others, reduce costs and tackle the waste problem as a unit.

For councils – The goal to develop a more sustainable town or city is there, but the ingrained problems within the construction industry can get in the way time and time again. Our training will help you identify the gaps and opportunities to empower you to put positive steps in place. We help you to award contracts more appropriately, identify infrastructure opportunities and lead the way as a community in tackling a worldwide crisis.

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Meet Jenny

Jenny Ford is a buildings consultant and architectural technician with over 12 years experience within the sector. As a systems thinker and designer, she brings a fresh and creative approach to tackling waste, resource management and stakeholder engagement. 

Materials in Mind was founded in 2018 after completing a masters degree in Sustainable Development in Practice. Concerned about the slowness of global industries’ adoption to increasing environmental and social challenges, Materials in Mind set out as a disruptive but constructive force in the built environment and construction materials sectors.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Material Futures • Sustainable Procurement • Circular Economy • Zero carbon construction • Resilient businesses in a climate emergency • Modern Methods of Construction • Sustainable water management

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Established in 2018, Materials in Mind developed out of founder Jenny Ford’s previous career working with engineered timber buildings and master’s degree in Sustainable Development in Practice.